Wednesday, September 10, 2008

current meme

Why not.

Current Book(s): I checked out The Hours, by Michael Cunningham, but haven't started it yet. I've read it before but am really excited about reading it again. I'm also reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (again) at bedtime.

Current Playlist: Mary brought us new music a few weeks ago, and now I love Lori McKenna's The Kitchen Tapes.

Current Fetish: Walking early in the morning. But seriously? Fetish is such a creepy word.

Current Drink: coffee and water, always. Well, also I've been into drinking a glass of chocolate milk at night after the kids are in bed. It's a healthier dessert than swiss cake rolls, which are what I would prefer right now, for whatever reason.

Current Food: I'm trying very hard for it not to be swiss cake rolls. I'm also trying to eat something at every meal, which does a lot for my energy. So my current food thing is to stay current on my food intake. So far so good.

Current Favorite Favorite: When Asher tries to make Silas laugh.

Current Wishlist: I wish I hadn't seen a kid throw up at the park today (I hate merry-go-rounds). That's about it.

Current Needs: There's always another errand to run. At the moment, I need to mail the stack of thank you notes and birth announcements (I KNOW) that are still sitting on the sofa table, which is the holding pen in our house.

Current Triumphs: Feeling more competent in what I'm doing.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Female issues.

Current Indulgence: Swiss cake rolls for me and letting Asher have iced tea (it's a great bribe. I mean, reward).

Current Blessing: Health and wellness. Brian. Watching Asher slide (all by himself). Rocking Silas to sleep. Friends.

Current Outfit: At the moment I'm in pajamas.

Current Excitement: New shirts. New friends. New ways to organize my time that seem to be working.

Current Mood: At this exact moment, tired. But in life - hopeful.

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Jason said...

Since I have been trying my best to change my habits and eat somewhat better I have switched to pudding cups and jello cups. So Good and just what I need most times...
and yes ..fetish is a CREEPY word.

The Bean said...

Swiss Cake Rolls are among my top three after school snack favorites. They rank up there with Nutty Buddies and Fudge Rounds. :)

pallie said...

I LOVE Lori McKenna! Not many people know about her and that is definitely their loss!