Friday, September 12, 2008


I am terrible with dates. It's embarrassing. I never know if Georgia's Mom's anniversary is on the 11th or the 12th, so I normally call whichever day it is NOT. Of course. I know Mikkee's birthday only because it is a national holiday. Is Aubrey's birthday the 14th or the 16th? Isn't Mary's sometime in early December? And Carrie, Janet, and Laurie, who all have birthdays in the same week - I don't even attempt to pretend I remember what day belongs to whom. So it is with much humility that I admit either Elizabeth - my dear dear friend, and Silas' godmother - had a birthday yesterday, or has a birthday today. I really can't be sure. I definitely remember a Birthday Dinner one year on this day, but I can't remember if that was on her actual birthday or not. So. Happy birthday Elizabeth! We love you even if I don't know exactly when to post this.

These are my most recent pictures of Elizabeth. See that Very Young Small Early (and so very cute) Asher she's holding? That's how long it's been since I've seen Elizabeth. Sadly. BUT - she will be home in December, and we already have a trip planned for January. Praise Jesus (seriously) for the internet. Through the miracle of modern technology, I talk to Elizabeth as much now as I did when we lived in the same town.

So. Happy Birthday. We love you, we hope your second birthday in Hong Kong is more fun than your first (or was, if it's already happened), and we're excited that you will be closer to home very soon.


Valerie said...

You will be relieved to know that it is today (at least here in the states).

And Happy Birthday Elizabeth.

Mary said...

I am the same way with birthdays. I mix up Lane's and my friend Adrianne's because they are the 7th & 8th of October respectively. Isn't Brian's right around then too? I never remember summer birthdays and I have two siblings with summer birthdays. I think you and Val have summer birthdays too.

I only consistently remember Mechelle's because it is also my wedding anniversary. Convenient.

But, It's the thought that counts.

Happy Birthday Liz!

LMilky said...

One year I forgot my mother's birthday by three days! Hers in 12/22 and on Christmas morning after we all opened presents my mom finally said, "Well between my birthday and Christmas presents I am really spoiled!" there was a silence in the room and it dawned on me... I cried so hard because I felt so bad. Of course everyone else in the family laughed at me because it had become a joke, wondering how long it would take me to realize I had missed her bday.


papilio588 said...

Awww..thanks!!! And yes, you got the date right. :) I can't wait to see you (et al) in Dec/Jan!!!! Thanks for the sweet post :)

Elizabeth said...

Our family is getting to be so big that I have to keep all the important days in a book or I will forget them. Sometimes I still forget. Which means that I keep a nice stash of "belated" cards to send out, just in case.