Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tuesday morning news

Good morning.

Our friend Mark is staying with us this week. Mark is an artist in temperament and in skill. He is a dreamer, an activist, the kind of believer who wants only to honor God, not to build a reputation or career in ministry. He talks in pictures and engages my children. It's good to have him here.

In other news, I realized Asher is misbehaving more because he has too much unstructured time (thank you Take Home Nanny). So we made a Fun Box over the weekend. It has preschool-ish activities that don't require much prep or clean-up for me. Asher and I no longer have two hours at a time to spend playing together, but we often have twenty minutes here, fifteen there. The Fun Box is perfect for that. And he's only screamed once since we started.

I have also decided to let Silas sleep on his belly. The trade-off is that he sleeps in a common area at all times. At night, his bassinet is right beside me. I am not the kind of sleeper who wakes at every grunt (that's the upside of sleep deprivation, I guess), but I always hear him when he's really stirring around, even if he doesn't cry. I'm counting on waking up if he is struggling, I guess. Whether that's guile or faith I'm not sure.

Happy Tuesday.


The Bean said...

Good idea on letting him sleep on his belly. I have a couple of friends who have little ones that will ONLY sleep if they are on their bellies. They haven't had any trouble and I'm sure Silas is more relaxed now having better sleep through the night.

LMilky said...

I agree. It is kind of like all of the other mommy debates... breast milk or formula, tonsils removed or let them stay in, tummy or back... doesn't all of that change every 5 years or so. And I always go back to the end all saying, "100 years ago they didn't have baby monitors or any research that said don't let baby sleep on their stomach." Mother's did what worked for their families...

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I tummy slept the last 3. Did I tell you this? It was after much prayer and not a little anxiety but man, they sleep SO much better on their tummies!!