Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Asher is sick and Silas had shots yesterday. Enough said.

That's really all I have to say this morning. But, we finally finished Silas' nursery (it only took until he was a month old - although, if he'd gone to his due date, he would have only been a week old when we finished it. Not that I'm complaining about him coming early), so I'm posting pictures below. The walls are pretty bare, but one thing I learned from the first time around is that as he grows, he's going to accumulate stuff of his own - pictures, frames, etc. If his walls are full now, that stuff will end up in the closet instead of in his room. So I don't mind bare walls for the moment. Anyway, pictures. Of our life this week and of Silas' nursery.

Have a cup of coffee in our honor today.


papilio588 said...

it looks so peaceful in there!!! i particularly love the lantern :)

The Bean said...

Is Asher watching PBS kids WordWorld????? That's Baby Bean's favorite show!

LMilky said...

having the cupocoffee right now as a matter of fact. i think for the rest of my life (if I am blessed) my every morning routine will be coffee and blogs - which is great because it used to be coffee and two cigarettes.

so sorry Asher isn't feeling well. Silas' room looks GREAT. I love that lamp and want to find one similar to put in the corner of our babies' room. missing you. let's try to get together early next week.