Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our camera is here. It is way smarter than me. I'm pretty sure it had higher ACT scores, and can probably even make better lasagna. But it's good for me, the point-and-click type, and good for Brian, who likes to try settings and lenses and what-not.

Also, do you see how Silas' hair is turning red? I would swear he looks like Sawyer, Georgia's brother, if such a thing were possible.

Check back for more pictures.


LMilky said...

I don't believe the 'better lasagna' thing even for one second.

aubrey said...

what kind of camera did you get... i'm thinking of buying a new one and i defnitely want one with a quick response time... beautiful boy, that Silas

Heather said...

SoOoooo jealous! My camera is currently out of commission and so far $200 has not fallen from the sky to replace it.

Rita Andrews said...

Just too cute!!!

Come by my blog to pick up your award I gave you!!!!

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

yay!! now i expect lots and lots of pictures!!! i love new cameras - so fun!!

also, i think when i get back to the states, i'll sit down before a plate of your lasagna and a plate of your camera's lasagna and be the judge :)