Tuesday, July 01, 2008


We all are. I have other thoughts - real thoughts, about things not related to babies - but I don't think they're going to make it here today. So for today I'll say we're all adjusting.

Silas is easy. Asher, as an infant, emphatically was NOT, though his parents were so uptight I can hardly blame him. Asher ate for an hour, cried for an hour, slept for an hour, for the first six weeks of his life. Also, we didn't know what we were doing. AT ALL. We bungled our sleep, we were anxious about the wrong things, and we put an enormous amount of mental energy into minutia that worked itself out within a few months. Round two has been better. First of all, to have a child that is easily soothed is a blessing, and makes the whole experience more rewarding. I didn't know that was possible. Second, I know more about what matters and what doesn't. Turning blue matters. Nutrition matters. Almost everything else, at this age, does not. Whew. I wish I'd known that the first time around.

Asher is adjusting. He likes to talk about his brother (called "bubba" or "i-as"), point out his eyes, rub his head, and then move on. Most of the time he ignores him. We've worked hard on a "one at a time" rule with baby equipment, and Asher seems to be getting the hang of it. Really, the bigger issue for Asher is his mom having surgery. That's the harder adjustment, and has changed our dynamic temporarily. He's accustomed to me being his primary caregiver, and while I'm doing more and more with him, it will be another month before I can put him to bed, and that has been hard. Otherwise, though, Asher is fine.

Brian and I, for our part, are almost having fun. We're only up once apiece at night, and while it's interrupted sleep, it's still sleep. I'm feeling normal (this is what I'd like to write more about soon). More like myself than I have in a few years, and that's exciting to me. I still tire pretty easily, but otherwise, I'm great. This was a nice surprise for us, so Brian's vacation time is starting to feel like an actual vacation. When we were both working, we used to take a few days off and vacate in whatever town we were living at the time. We'd go out for a nice meal, see whatever touristy things were available, go for a hike. This week has turned into a modified version of that. We went out for pancakes (on a Tuesday!), we spent a day at the lake. We spent two hours in the park. I love vacating.

So there you have it. Life in our little world is good. Don't forget to follow the 40 Day Fast bloggers, and stay tuned for substantial thoughts soon. In the meantime, happy Tuesday. Enjoy your pancakes.

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Anonymous said...

glad you are all getting to gel as a family