Thursday, July 03, 2008

Silas is starting to wake up. I love how babies, after they are born, take a nap for two weeks. He is nearing the two week mark, and has been more awake today. Let the fun begin.

We went to one of those places this morning that has all of the blow-up equipment for kids (moon walks, slides, etc). This place has a preschool hour on weekday mornings, and since we're vacating, we took Asher. He loved it - loved it so much that I don't have one single good picture to share, because he was too busy playing and our digital camera is starting to show its age. I would love to have the kind that has a zero delay when you take a picture. All of my pictures from the past six months are of the side of Asher's face, because by the time the camera works, he has moved on. Alas.

Anyway, it's been a fun week. Here are some pictures from the past few days.

Playing with his dad. Have I mentioned that Brian is perfectly suited for raising little boys? He's the biggest kid on any playground. When we lived with the Searcys, he used to make up obstacle courses at the park and get the kids to compete on who could make the best time. When we were at the church picnic, he had the kids organized and trying all kinds of stunts on the water slides. He had as much fun as Asher did this morning. And slept just as well after lunch.

Making a cake with me. We're adjusting to me not being able to pick him up. I spend a lot of time on the floor. My favorite part of making the cake was Asher's spontaneous "YUUUMMM" as he ate the batter.

Enjoying the batter.

Look at how small that baby is. You can't see it here as much. Look.

This is Silas, hanging out on the couch. Tiny. By the way, he does have other clothes. Somehow, the only two times he's worn that shirt, his picture has ended up on the blog. Go figure.


Heather said...

I want to just come hold Silas for a long long long time. Is that okay?

Stephanie said...

Heather, he would love it if you did. He has decided he doesn't like to sleep at night unless someone is holding him. So if you could show up about midnight, that would be perfect.

LMilky said...

how cute is that. I cant wait to meet him. i would love if we could find a time for me and Aubrey to come see you this week. we have been blog chatting and i want to hang out with her more... could we work that out for the three of us to hang at your house this week?

LMilky said...

haha oops. the word verification word accidently got typed at the top of my last comment ;)

Anonymous said...

i love the black and white!! and cake batter? great way to bond!! :) silas may be tiny but he's a cutie for sure!!!