Thursday, June 19, 2008

a day in the life - UPDATED to include one very pregnant lady and one very cute nearly-big brother

Brian has been working more than usual lately, so he took a much-needed morning off for waffles and the park. I'm not sure who had more fun, Asher or Brian.

Hanging out.

Doing the motions to his favorite song from the story hour at the library.

He loves to pour; used plastic containers from the kitchen all become water toys.

Taken this morning - I'm 37 weeks today. You can also see Silas' bed in the background. I keep saying I want to finish his nursery before I post pictures, but at this rate his nursery will be finished by the time he's 14. This is the biggest difference between first child and second child. Asher's nursery was completely ready by 30 weeks. Silas, not so much.

While Brian and I were taking pictures for Silas' baby book, Asher busied himself with the rocking chair. He climbs up and sings "rock-rock." It's very cute. Anyway, here is the nearly-big brother.

And one to grow on - I looked back this morning and Asher had his sandbox bucket on his head. "Hat! Hat!" he said.


Nick M. said...

Simply awesome.

Valerie said...

Possibly my favorite thing after the container-face picture is Taylor in the background of the next one, introducing himself to the sunshine-face.


Jason said...

Great pictures ....some of the best toys come from the kitchen cabinets!!

LMilky said...

Hey guh. You look AWESOME. Huge (belly) and awesome. I hope that when the girls get a little bigger we will be invited to play at the park with you guys and go to the library. So fun.