Thursday, October 04, 2007

i must be in the wrong lane.

I heard the most interesting article on NPR yesterday about linguistics. Of course I'm using the wrong computer for links, but if you want to listen to it, it's a book review called "A Quotable Pithy Guide to Aphorisms" at All Things Considered. Did you know it was Gandhi who said to hate the sin and love the sinner? I really hate that phrase, but it was interesting to hear its origin. And my favorite pithy phrase from the piece was, "If everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane." Ha.

PS It's 5:01 a.m. The No Man's Land of time - if I go back to bed, I'm going to be groggy in an hour when I need to wake up. If I stay awake, I'm going to be tired this afternoon, because I've been up since 3:30. There's really not a good option.


Liz said...

the good thing about being up so early, is you are on my time!! yay!! i am currently figuring out how i can utilize EVERY dish in my house to make dinner (a very unsuccessful dinner at that!)

Emily said...

I always get back in bed anyway. Groggy wears off.