Thursday, September 13, 2007

grade for the week

If I was handing out grades, this week would earn a C. Here's why:

1. Asher has been learning how to fall. He pulls up onto the couch, plops on his bottom, smiles, and applauds himself. It is definitely the cutest thing I've ever seen. So, that gets an A.
2. He also drank four ounces of spoiled formula this morning. He's okay, though; he's thrown up twice, but the doctor assures me it happens all the time, and he will be fine. Definite F.
3. I had the BEST conversation earlier this week, about how God takes care of us despite our best efforts to ignore him. Again, an A.
4. Whenever Brian and I are sleep-deprived, we have to try very hard not to cuss just because we're tired. It almost never works, though. When Asher was an infant, we would promise each other every night, "We're not going to cuss tonight." Inevitably, someone would lose it at 1 a.m. I bring this up because we were up until 1:30 last night, taking turns rocking a baby who was BENT on not sleeping. But we didn't cuss! So C for not sleeping, B+ for not cussing.
5. All of these factors are brewing into the perfect storm of stress - the spoiled formula, the sleep deprivation, and the kicker - we're going out of town this afternoon. Anyone care to join us in the Civic for four hours of nonstop fun? The thought of four hours in a small car with a sick baby - D.
6. But when we get there, it IS going to be nonstop fun, because we are going with our friends Jeff and Carrie. Hanging out with Jeff and Carrie & Co., A.

Overall average, as I said, would be a C. But it's only Thursday; the week still has time to pull its grade up, if it hunkers down.

Asher preparing to show off his accomplished falling abilities.


Madame Rubies said...

Have fun. Send my love to Carrie.

M'elle said...

I'm hoping for an A+ evening/weekend!

Liz said...

well, hopefully the weekend will make an A++ and bring everything else up. Tell Carrie I said hello! Where are y'all going?

Carrie =) said...

yay for non-stop fun!!! thank y'all SO much for coming and sharing with us... let's move to florida...=)

buf said...

hey, youuuuu, have you ever listened to Rilo Kiley? neat band.
I believe non-cussing deserves more than a B-...I say any goal REACHED and achieved deserves an A+, which definitely brings the week's average up a teensy weensy skotch, yah? -- Jab