Monday, May 21, 2007

all we need is CJ

With his friends - Leo, Josh, Toby, and Sam. Their names were not randomly assigned, though. If you can guess which one is Sam, you win.


Lane said...

Sam has got to be the lion. Because of the hair.

Nick said...

Sam is the Tiger because he went to Princeton

Josh would be the lion with the hair and clearly Lane does not know which character is which.

Liz said...

My guess is the elephant

Valerie said...

Wouldn't the lion be Leo? I think the elephant would be Toby, because he never forgets.

Stephanie said...

Toby is the tiger, Leo is the Lion, Josh is the Giraffe, and Sam is the Stuffed Elephant (or S'elephant for short).

Nick said...

Boo I think this naming system is all wrong. Here's why:

Sam-as I mentioned before he went to Princeton (and in one episode even mentions "my Princeton Tigers)

Josh-the lion because of all the hair (half credit to Lane)

CJ-is the giraffe because she is really tall (unless you've got a flamingo hanging around the house)

Elephant-NONE of them can be the elephant because they are not Republicans...DUH!!

Stephanie said...

If I was going to name them based on personality, I would have said -

Sam as the Giraffe, because he looks so optimistic.

Toby - Valerie - as the Elephant, because he never forgets.

Josh - Lane - as the Lion, because of the hair. And

Leo as the Tiger, because you really don't want to be on the wrong side of him.

Lane said...

Yes. I meant Josh because of the hair. I've only watched enough West Wing to be ignorant of which character is which.