Saturday, March 03, 2007


My thoughts are scattered, and I am slightly overstimulated after a succession of busy days, so good luck following my train of thought.

One of my favorite things about being married? Is a dinner that encompasses a conversation with old friends, the particulars of a wishlist of our dreamhouse, the nature of mercy, and quoting an entire scene from Season 4 ("'Charlie! Charlie crazy-glued my phone!' 'How long do you usually make people your bitch?' 'Depends.'") Now that's fine dining, friends.

My high school math teacher once told me that the world is divided into algebra people and geometry people. I'm an algebra girl - does this really surprise anyone? I like predictability and routine. I don't want control - I DON'T WANT CONTROL - I just want to know what's going to happen next. Apparently my baby didn't get the memo. I keep trying to figure him out, but just about the time I think I know what's going on, it all changes. I've started calling him my little enigma. Then again, he's a little person, and since when has ANYone really been predictable?

Ann Striplin, wherever you are, you gave good advice to a group of high school girls a long time ago. You were quoted twice in one conversation recently. "When I was 19, I had all the answers. When I was 30, I had all of the questions." Me too.

The best part about scraping by for a while is that every abundance is appreciated. The worst part is that every time I see consumable product - clothes, food, gifts, whatever - I think of the price tag. It's a bad habit, and if you catch me talking about how much something costs, STOP ME. I don't want to see the world in dollar signs anymore.

Amen and the end.


Liz said...

I can hear the conversation - I miss you guys!!!

In seminary, they say that when students come in, they come thinking they have all the answers, while they are here, all their answers are questioned, and in the process, they just end up having more questions. By the time you leave, you aren't supposed to have all the answers, you are just supposed to know which questions to ask, and how to look for truth in the answers. Good to know. (even though we all know that I really do have all the answers! ;-)

I don't think you will always look at thing in dollar signs - I think that there is a time for that, and now is that time, while you are learning how to provide for a new person in your life. Hopefully, that will fade away. :)

buf said...

I miss Ann!! - jab

buf said...

also, I'm a geometry person. Hmm. - jab