Monday, March 05, 2007

Because the rest of you probably aren't as committed to the Today show, I feel it my duty to report

that they interviewed a woman this morning who had a 93 pound tumor! For a long time (I missed how long, I was pouring more coffee)! And didn't know it!

How ya gonna NOT KNOW about a 93 pound tumor?! Wouldn't the extra 93 pounds clue you in?


Heather said...

Corey and i watched a documentary on Discovery Health about odd pregnancies and saw a woman pregnant for 43 years. CRAZY!

Stephanie said...

I don't believe it.

Nick said...

My friend John (I trust him even though he is a Republican ;-) sent me a link to a story on CNN this morning about a 420 pound woman who gave birth to a child she didn't know she was pregnant with!! YIKES!

Cher said...

I had a 21 pound tumor and trust me.. I KNEW!!

Anonymous said...

Mark called around 10:30 this morning, "You won't believe what I saw on the Today show this morning..."

Me: "A woman with a 93 lb tumor!"

Mark: "Yeah, did you see it?"

Me: "No, I read about it on Stephanie's blog."

Mark: "She wrote about it ALREADY?!?"


Valerie said...

I too watch the Today show religiously (the whole thing if I'm off work), and I saw that too.
How you gonna not know?

This is what I'm saying.

Also, I saw this morning about shopping at local farmer's markets being better than organic, and I thought to myself "Stephanie and I were doing that before it was cool." :)

Anonymous said...

Do you blog? You've touched on what would be a good blog topic or essay...why has buying local or organic produce started being "trendy" or "cool"?
I read an article about this yesterday...talking about how our country is moving towards a class system of food consumption...those that can afford "healthy" food vs. those that will have to buy more processed or chemically altered foods b/c of the lowered cost. Certainly things are not that grim now, as most can afford food at a farmer's market and we are starting to see organic prices lower as organic becomes more mainstream. But, isn't there a reason some of our tax money funds the FDA? Are we not paying for someone to monitor and ensure that all the foods we eat are the best for our families?
I'm sure it's related to profits, politics, and lobbying, but why is there even an "organic" distinction...why isn't all food made with the least amount of harm (i.e. pesticides, chemicals, etc.).
Just some questions I thought of after reading your response.
Sorry Steph, didn't mean to get off tanget... :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Cindy,

Montgomery (and all of Alabama, I think) accepts and encourages consumers to use their food stamps at the farmer's markets. They even have a farmer's market "store" in lower-income parts of town.