Thursday, March 01, 2007

I knew it.

My baby is a genius.

Basically, in the morning, his life is more or less always the same. Wake up, eat, play for a little while, sleep, repeat. Sometimes when he wakes up, we may be in a different place (one of the GREAT GRAND benefits of using his carseat as a bed), but that doesn't affect what he does very much. Afternoons are different. Some days we walk, some days we run errands, some days he's with his grandma, etc.

The result? In the mornings, he'll take a nap on his own with no problem. He doesn't even complain about being put down. He chews his Geoff and drifts off to sleep (it's really the cutest thing ever, but that's beside the point). But afternoons - he'll fall sleep, then wake up crying. I'll pick him, he'll fall asleep on me. If I put him down, he wakes up crying. In other words, he's learned that in the mornings, it's too bad so sad, he's got to sleep on his own. But in the afternoons, I am a viable sleeping option (and every baby knows nothing sleeps like a mom).

You understand that he's just two months old, right? Just barely two months old, really. That he knows when he can do one thing, and when he can do another, is amazing to me. I always knew he was a genius.

In general, sleep is no longer much of an issue. I think Geoff is doing his job in helping Asher calm himself. Unless it's midafternoon, in which case he's come to rely on me for that.

By the way, anyone out there know much about growth spurts? I have a few questions. Are outrageous diapers a part of it, or is that something different? How long do growth spurts usually last?


Liz said...

Of course he is a genius! What possibilites are there? That is pretty cool though that he has created a sleeping pattern already. :)

And just for the record, everytime I read Geoff, I say it in my head like a donkey bray - ge-OFF, like, he-HAW. hehe

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this news story: about potential danger from young babies sleeping in carseats? If it's the only way your baby can sleep, the article can help you figure out if you need to do anything to keep him in a safer position while he's in there.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that link worked so as html: here