Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Sunday was an exceptionally bad day, complete with heatlessness, a treed cat, a banished golden retriever, and a marital "discussion" witnessed by my mother. Aren't you sad you missed it? But we survived, and now all is well. However, between the weekend birthday festivities, the (lack of) heat, and Asher's shots yesterday, I have been so crazy that I forgot not one but TWO obligations so far this week. It's only Tuesday!

Someday, I am going to be on time everywhere I go, I'm not going to forget important things like keys and appointments, I'll never run out of formula when out in public, and my dishes will always be clean. Today is not that day.

Which leads to an aside - I have to tell you about Brian's confidence in my memory. One of the first times I took Asher out alone, Brian called to check on us. When he asked how I was, I told him I felt frazzled. I'd forgotten this-and-that for his diaper bag, the place I needed to go was closed, and I couldn't find ... whatever. Brian responded, very slowly (I KID YOU NOT), "Do you have the child?" I'm not THAT discombobulated. Not yet, anyway.

PS - as long as I'm giving random reports about the mundane details of my life - I can wear my wedding rings again. Yay for me! I've missed them.

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