Sunday, February 18, 2007

to love and not love

(This idea was shamelessly stolen from Joshilyn. Just so you know.)

TO LOVE: Asher has started laughing. Who wouldn't love that?

NOT TO LOVE: MY HEAT STOPPED WORKING THIS MORNING (and a mortified gasp echoes from the crowd). Again. Like everyone else, Alabama is having an unusual winter, which means we really need our heat to work. Not to worry. I kept all the phone numbers from the last time our heat went out (like, two weeks ago!), and I will be calling them all this afternoon.

TO LOVE: I just joined a Bible study that's using a Beth Moore book this time. It's been a long time (since Nashville, and really, we were always more serious about snacks than the study) since I've been a part of a Bible study that had homework. It's kind of fun.

NOT TO LOVE: My heat is out, and it's 31* outside. With the wind chill, it feels like 20*.

TO LOVE: I finally have birth announcements quasi-ready for the mail. I decided not to find out what Emily Post has to say about birth announcement timelines, because it just wasn't going to help me get them done any faster. So - look for one in a mailbox near you. Sometime this week, I hope.

NOT TO LOVE: It blows cold air, instead of hot. And then it never shuts off, because the house will never ever no never reach the desired temperature if injected with cold air in the winter.

TO LOVE: Brian started his new job Friday. He hasn't been this excited about anything since the band stopped touring. I'm really happy for him.

NOT TO LOVE: And I have a two month old son, whose favorite activity in life is to squirm out of blankets, who has a serious aversion to wearing his so-very-cute winter coat for very long (it's a hat thing - he hates hats). In other words, I'm going to need the heat to work if I intend to keep him warm. And I do.

TO LOVE: Consignment sales. Babies don't wear clothes long enough to wear them out, so I've been able to find cute practically new clothes for him very cheaply (some things still had tags on them). His GrandpaBirthdayOveralls, for example. Plus, Carrie and I always go together, and baby clothes are all CUTE, so it makes for a fun day.

TO LOVE: Well, sort of. Asher was scared for the first time last night. The house was quiet, he was almost finished with his bottle and veryverynearly asleep, when Taylor started barking. All babies startle easily, but this wasn't that - this was red-faced, silence-before-the-squeal type crying. He had to stop eating so that he could settle down. As I was soothing him, the silliest thing went through my mind. I thought about how counselors ask, "When was the first time you felt that way?" Isn't that crazy? I absolutely am not saying Asher's going to need therapy because the dog was too loud. Not at all - what I realized last night was this: though the next few years are profoundly important for his future, he won't remember them. I will. He will know the effects of them, but they will be MY memories. And though it's his life, in some ways, this season of it will mean more to me than it will to him. It's why I take pictures every day. I want to remember it all.

Stay warm, everyone.

TO NOT LOVE: Things have gone downhill rather quickly since this morning. Did anyone know babies don't like to be cold? I had an idea, but I've been TOLD this morning, REPEATEDLY, how MUCH babies don't like to be cold. In response, I left three angry mamabear messages on three answering machines, and so far had no response (though it's only been half an hour). Asher has calmed down - finally - because we're both wearing our warmest clothes, and I have him strapped to me in the Snuggli (this thing is INGENIUS, by the way). It's a little complicated to get him strapped in - think bunjee jumping/ sky diving, and you'll have the right idea - but worth the effort.

Anyone know anything about heaters?


jonathan said...

Remember our Hillmeade adventure? We bought a space heater (since it was so cold in our room but our heating bill was like $400 dollars a month) which worked very well to keep us warm. Only if you have electricity though.

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Carrie said...

i meant to ask you earlier on the phone, is your heat fixed!?