Monday, February 12, 2007

sleep, 68/45, good monsters

Here they are, in no particular order.

Now that I'm over the initial You-Have-To-Be-Kidding-I'm-Somebody's
-Parent?!! of Asher's arrival, the most complicated aspect of my new job is its unpredictability. Just because something worked one day does not mean it's going to work the next. Sleeping, for example: some days are sleepy days and some are not. Some days, he cries to be held and will fall asleep immediately when picked up. Others, he cries to be put down and will fall asleep only if left alone. The pacifier - a cursed and decidedly un-pacifying invention - is equally random in its usefulness. Sometimes it's the only way he can go to sleep, sometimes he gags on it. Sometimes it calms him down until he's nearly asleep, when he spits it out and wakes up crying, looking for it. When this happens - this part is predictable - I become the Pacifier Holder, and Asher never completely falls asleep. In short, neither of us is pacified by the stupid thing. Today he cried until the phone rang; when I started talking, he fell asleep. So maybe he needed some background noise? Who knows. I've given up looking for a pattern.

I'd like, once again, to argue in favor of internet music sharing. If your music is on the Top 40 every week, I can see how sharing music is robbing you of your guaranteed 20$ a pop from millions of loyal fans. But if Casey Casem has never heard of you, it's the best thing that could happen to your career. Don't believe me? Ask John Mayer. Anyway, I digress. Thanks to YouTube, we bought Jars of Clay's Good Monsters this weekend. It's good - I'm not interested in writing a critique, so I'll just say that I like it. Especially "Oh My God." To quote Brian, if David were writing the Psalms today, he'd probably have written "Oh My God" himself.

High today? 68. Tomorrow? 70. Wednesday? 45. It's no wonder the entire state of Alabama has a runny nose.

That's all. Happy Monday, everyone.


Heather said...

I love music sharing as well. I am wanting this Casting Crwons song that a friend just sent me the lyrics too.

As for parenting. You sound like me with discipline. I like ot be consistent, but what if the same thing doesn't always work? A spanking might work today and not tomorrow. It is crazy.

mary said...

Speaking of new music... do you have the new patty or the new mccracken albums? curious about what you think.

kat said...

The adjustment to parenthood is pretty crazy. As soon as you figure out a changes.

We feel pretty routine now with out 4 and 2 year old girls, but we're expecting our first boy in about 6 weeks, so our world is about to turn upside down again. :-)

I love YouTube. It's a great way to share songs I really like on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed "Oh My God" I think it's an absolutely amazing song!

Stephanie said...

Hey Mary,

I haven't heard either of them yet. I do have the newest Indigo Girls, but I think that's almost a year old by now. What did you think about them?

Liz said...

Stephanie - I am sending you the new Patty - its a must have. I haven't gotten the new Sandra cd yet - what do you think about it Mary? by the way Mary, what happened to your page?