Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sing with me now ...

Got our first few bills from the hospital. It cost 18,000 fun-loving dollars for me to birth that baby. He used up 4,000 of his very own dollars on, what? Hats and diapers, is my guess. Sing with me now - Oh, how I love TheCoffeeShop, Oh, how I love TheCoffeeShop, Oh, how I love TheCoffeeShop, because of in-sur-ance.

It's a rainy gloomy Sunday morning, and I miss my church. I'd like to be with them this morning, but alas - three more weeks until we can take Asher out. He's been to breakfast a few times, and he made a break for it once and spent ten minutes or so in Wal-mart, but we're trying to avoid germs as much as possible, especially since he was born in the middle of flu season. Church is pretty germy, unfortunately. So here we sit, one grunting in a bouncy seat, the other catching up on email. I guess this isn't a bad way to spend a rainy morning, either.

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Heather said...

See, you already a better mommy than me. I was out within a few days and stayed out as much as possible. LOL!