Wednesday, January 03, 2007

alphabet soup

A. Asher woke up this morning! Before, he would open his eyes for a few minutes at a time, but this morning he was wide-eyed for hours. It is supercute. He definitely has gray eyes, and looks more like Brian every day.

H. Did I tell you that Halle had her baby, too? Levi Hagen Searcy was born on December 30 weighing TEN POUNDS. Yikes.

N. Everyone is posting New Years Resolutions. There are so many new things happening in our lives that I really don't have the energy to add to the list. So my New Years Resolution is to RELAX and ENJOY my life. And to wash my tennis shoes - they are still jello-stained from a preschool lesson gone awry. AND I'd like to start writing more than updates and anecdotes again - maybe by next fall I'll be in a more writable frame of mind. So maybe I do have a few resolutions. Relax. Wash. Write. Repeat.

S. A year ago today I was hired by everyone's favorite coffee shop. Let's talk for a minute about God's provision, and how a barely-above-minimum-wage job has not only paid a few bills, it's paid for a baby AND given us free coffee for a year. What more could a girl need?


Nick M. said...

"Relax. Wash. Write. Repeat." GENIUS!! Great line, you should write for a living. You do a great job of it!

Tonya said...

I thought the same thing when I read it... Great line!

Stephanie said...

I wish I could take credit for the line, but it's really a variation of "listen. Live. Repeat." which came from