Sunday, November 19, 2006


Apparently I'm in the mood to blog today, so I'll follow behind Janet and Heather.

I like that I'm going to have a baby by the end of the year, and that we're about 94% prepared for his arrival (which is good, because he's about 94% ready to be here). I also like feeling Asher kick, and trying to guess what's what in there. I'm pretty sure I can distinguish bottom from feet from hands from hiccups by now, but really, how would I ever know if I was right? I like guessing anyway.

I like that I'm not traveling this week. We both have the week off with no plans. Yay for us.

I like that Brian keeps me from taking life too seriously. Mostly I just like Brian in general, and I like that he likes me back.

I like that it's finally getting cooler here. 55* just feels more festive than 85*.

I like the Warm Vanilla Sugar smell from Bath and Body Works. And the tree picture that we got in Waynesville, NC, one time. They look and smell like home.

I like when Taylor brings a toy to you, but forgets that he wanted to play, and falls asleep sitting up with the toy in his mouth. I also like when he eases himself onto my lap very slowly, as though, if he moves one limb at a time, I won't notice that a 60 lb dog is now sitting on top of me.

I like my church.

I like when Morgan sends me forwards (but only Morgan, and only because it's Morgan. So don't get any ideas about sending me forwards after reading this).

I like the West Wing. But you already knew that, I'm sure. I actually like it better than Law and Order, because it's not as violent. I was really into American Justice/ Law and Order/ Cold Case for a while, but all of the violence wore me down. Politics isn't as bloody.

I like when Laurie calls. We always have the kind of conversations where, at the end of talking for a long time, you remember that you should ask about the normal details, like how's your job and your spouse and your dog. But you didn't think about asking until right before you hang up, because you were too busy talking about something important. I like phone calls like that.

And with that I'm off. It's Thanksgiving Dinner at the church tonight. Watergate salad, anyone?


buf said...

my doggie does that, too - the easing onto me as if doing it slowly makes me unaware :) I like your list! - janet

Heather said...

Steph. I want you here. With me. I NEED you. *sniffle*

Alas, I willd eal with this awesome blog and laugh at Taylor easing onto you, b/c Leila's lab does the same thing. Still haven't heard for sure if we are getting our dog.

Nick M. said...

Why do you think it is that they call it "Watergate" Salad...Did the salad do something politically underhanded one time in it's past and now has been labeled forever. Maybe Nixon liked it a lot? Any thoughts?

Martha said...

I like my church. I like it when Stephanie calls me up, like Christopher Robin, and just wants to talk. I like watching the leaves blow and thinking, "It's raining leaves today." I like The World of Pooh book (do you have my book? Good if you do, because I'd like to find it to give to you). I like sentences that don't begin with the personal pronoun "I." I like good books that I can't put down and looking up the clock to realize that I only have time for a hundred more pages.
I like children.
I like well-behaved children. I like the honesty of children. And I hate the honesty of children. "Miss Susan, you smell funky," said Wesley Sunday as I looked for music. "Thank you, Wesley," I mumbled. "Did you hear me?" Wesley inquired. "Yes, thank you."
Our pastor's 4-year-old daughter sat in his lat during the children's sermon, only to pick her nose. Then she held her discoveries out on her fingertip, then asked her dad what to do with it. He just said, "Hang onto it, dear." After the children's sermon, he said, "upstaged again."
I love playing for weddings. I hate playing for weddings when people just talk, talk, talk, talk. They don't know how to shut up in church and have lost the civility of being reverent. There is no reverence in church anymore except during the service itself. Otherwise, it's talk, talk, talk, talk.... You could be anywhere.
And those are some of the thigns I like and don't like. Did you want to know?
Thanks for blogging today, Stephanie. Guess I'll find a new perfume.

Martha said...

Please pardon the typos above. I had no idea that my post would even go through -- it rarely does!

Stephanie said...

Hey Mom, I do have The World of Pooh. I have Raggedy Ann, too, in case you start looking for it. And The Tales of Beatrix Potter.