Sunday, November 19, 2006

I have no idea where this is going to lead. Once again, I'm mostly just thinking out loud.

It seems like we're imposing American culture on God by making such a big deal out of our calling and our purpose. Isn't our calling to love and serve? Isn't our purpose to make disciples? As a believer, how is my purpose different from another believer's? We contribute to the greater good in different ways, of course. But isn't that more about learning how to use what God has given me to do what he's called us all to do? Brian and I were talking last night about the American ideal of productivity, and how that can, at times, stand in contrast to following God. Most of what the Holy Spirit produces is not quantifiable. Is a conversation that doesn't lead to a conversion a pointless conversation? Is worship that doesn't draw a crowd a waste? Where's the distinction between American culture and being a believer? And why aren't we talking more about that distinction?

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