Friday, September 08, 2006

quick update

1. Internet is still out. That's our problem, not the cable company's. We just haven't called about it yet. I don't really know how to explain this, but after our Blue Highway Year, we seem to have lost some of our - hurriedness. Things like pictures on the wall and cable internet connections just don't matter like they used to. It'll get done. Tomorrow. I promise.

2. We are superbusy, again. I guess our re-entry into mainstream living has thrown us back into the busy-ness, too. We have FIVE jobs between the two of us, and Brian is doing most of them. But he's enjoying what he's doing, which is really good. And we love love love love our new church. Those of you who have worked for churches will appreciate this - it's such a nice feeling to sit in church on Sunday morning and know that this is where you would choose to go - this is not just part of your job. So good.

3. Part of our busy-ness - I've started teaching (a little) again. That's job #2 for me. It's work, but work that you love is so different from work that is necessary. In the past year, I have definitely developed a new appreciation for a career versus a job. Anyway, teaching is good. Sometimes a little hairy (I DEFINITELY made a little boy C-R-Y this week), but overall, really good.

4. We're reaching the freak-out phase of pregnancy. We're REALLY going to have a little boy. I'm ACTUALLY going to go into labor, and GIVE BIRTH to a BABY. Soon. We keep talking about the fun parts of that, but there are serious decisions that ACTUALLY need to be made before he gets here. Like insurance and pediatricians and such like of the which. These things can cause me to hyperventilate if I think about them too hard. But I did make a Pre-Asher To Do list yesterday. It's a step.

5. I have baby showers coming up soon (yay!) and I don't have most of your addresses. So please email me (privately) and send me your addresses. Even if you are far away AND even if you have already done this when you moved, I probably deleted it because I am SILLY like that so I'd really like to have them again.

6. I've learned something important about myself-when-I-am-pregnant this week. I don't feel bad, but I just haven't felt good in six months. I can sleep as much as I want - I'm still going to be tired. It's silly, but acknowledging that is freeing. I'm just going to be tired, so I might as well be tired and get some things done, rather than trying to "catch up" on rest. I won't be "caught up" for the next year, probably. And that's ok.

7. Halle is having a little boy the same week as me! Her new baby's name will be Levi Hagen Searcy.

Sorry this is mostly about pregnancy. I'm trying not to talk to people about it unless I know they want to hear it, but, truthfully, my life is more and more about being pregnant and getting ready for him. So that's what I have to write about these days.


Heather said...

I feel like that about always being tired too. People tell me you feel that way until your kids are older.

Stephanie said...

PS We're back online.


The Bean said...

I LOVE hearing about pregnancy stuff! If you have any questios at all about this stuff (i.e. drugs or no drugs, baby necessities, nursing, or anything about the birth and recovery in general) send me an email and I would love to talk to you.

buf said...

you made a little boy CRY?! aw! and hey, what church? just curious, as I've worked at half the churches in central Alabama :) -- jab