Saturday, July 22, 2006

To all of you who have emailed me in the past week:

My computer no longer allows me to send emails. I can check email, and I can hit "respond," but when I do, the message box does not appear. My mother, who has email through a different server, is having the same problem (on the same computer). Weird. SO. If you have emailed me lately, please know that I will respond as soon as I'm at a fully functioning computer.

Love to all.


Mary said...

you should get gmail?? let us know if you want a gmail invitation. it might help.

i also wish we could "swoop down" and fix things. i remember last july feeling like it would be FOREVER before we could leave dothan. and it WAS. you guys were really encouraging to us last fall.

today we spent the afternoon with greg, lisa, their family, and the buddhist monks that visited huntingdon (brian might remember).
anyway, they have this incredible contentment and joy that seems so unachievable and makes me feel like i'm missing the point. I wish you could have been there to hear them speak. It really turns your perspective upside down.

As they pointed out, Jesus was very Buddist in a way. Unconditional love without expecting anything in return. I know that is what you will give this child no matter what else you have to offer in a material way. he/she will no doubt be fed and sheltered and well loved. This is a really exciting time whether you are in Nashville or Montgomery or wherever. God HAS answered our prayers and you are going to be parents! just hang in a little longer. life goes in cycles. it has to cycle up soon.

The Bean said...

did you ever receive any emails from me at all?

Stephanie said...

no, none from you emily (to my knowledge). but it's fixed now, so email can resume. =)

Liz said...

Where are those pictures you keep promising us?? =)

buf said...

I just <3 you!