Wednesday, July 26, 2006

on a lighter note

Amanda (otherwise known as "MyFriendAmanda" or "My Roommate in Auburn") will be in town next week. The following week, Elizabeth is going to stay a few days in Slap-out. Two weeks after that, Mikkee is (hopefully) coming to town. Yay for my friends!

Brian has picked up a phrase that is so uncharacteristically Southern, every time he says it I start giggling. The exact spelling is "oooh-weee." As best as I can tell, it appears to be some form of expletive. As in, "Oooh-wee, it's hot out here."

AND - we have a place to live! We'll be moving into an apartment in the Cloverdale area (in MONTGOMERY) sometime in the next few weeks. It's a supercooldeluxe apartment, complete with huge bedrooms and a tiny little fenced-in area for my pup to pee without me having to take an infant outside (in the cold) several times a day. Yay for supercooldeluxe cheap apartments!

I go to the doctor today. Hopefully we'll make an appointment for the ultrasound, and within a few weeks we'll know the sex of the baby. I'm so excited ... I don't know how, given the choice, people can actually wait until the baby gets here to find out. Isn't having a BABY enough of a surprise? For those who are interested or keeping count, I'm 18 weeks pregnant now. Yay for ultrasounds!


mikkeeliz1 said...

i have joined the blogging world to say, "YEAH!!!! for supercooldeluxeapts!!!". btw, i am not a maybe for that weekend. it is on my calendar, so it is in stone:)

Liz said...

Yay for Mikkee! Yay for supercooldeluxeapt for Brian and Stephanie! Yay for babies and ultrasounds!! Yay for puppies and friends and anything else great and wonderful!! =) Glad to see you post postive news. It seems as if your spirits are lifted (I imagine a lot of that has to do with have a next step, a place to live!) I CANNOT wait to come see you!! Can I put my hand on your belly? (is that weird?)

Heather said...

Stephanie is having a baby!!! *hear that in sing-song voice*

I wish I was coming to visit.

The Bean said...

Yay for ultrasounds!!! They were always my favorite visits. Here in Belgium they actually do one for you and EVERY single visit. It's so amazing to see them grown right before your eyes. Post pics soon!!!

buf said...

ooooooooooh-WEEE! is so definitely Dukes of Hazzard it makes me grin, too!
yay for Cloverdale apartments, you lucky dawg :)

and pfff, cold. it don't get COLD there! you oughta see the weather people bring their babies out in up HERE! hardy freakin' New England babies! -- jab