Sunday, July 30, 2006

faith decisions

If you are a parent or in-law, don't read this. Not because I don't want you to know, but because I don't want you to worry. If you choose to move forward, don't ask us questions and expect us to have coherent answers. We probably won't.

For the other six of you who read regularly, and are not in-laws or parents -

Tomorrow Brian and I have to make a decision about something that, in the long-term, won't matter that much. But in the short term, it matters a good deal. There's an easier and a harder choice - the harder choice will actually make our lives easier, in some ways, but harder in others. The easier choice does the same thing, really ... It's not even that big of a deal - the decision itself - but I really believe God wants us to do the harder thing. If we do the harder thing (though it WOULD make our lives a little easier), we cannot, in our natural minds, see how it will come together. But this is why I think God wants us to do it. I think it's the final 1/2 mile in our little adventure, which started like a sprint and turned into a marathon. I really think God wants to show up, and to make this impossible thing work out.

But if he doesn't, we're in trouble.

So, I'm writing this to ask you all to PRAY FOR US. It's the final push for you, too - I've been asking you to pray for nine months now, but we're about to give birth to this thing, this new life of service and love. As we're reaching the end, please pray for us. Pray that we will have the faith to trust God with this particular decision. And pray that God really will come through, and do what we think he's going to do (if we ask him to do it). If you feel led by God to know more, or to participate in any more extensive way, I'll share more with you personally. But either way, please pray.


Heather said...

Of course.

Liz said...

Always praying, even more so now. Call me tonight if you want - I should be home by 5. I love you and Brian and your determination to follow God, even into the hard stuff!!

aubrey said...

you always have my prayers and you know i'm dying to know more! so are we having dinner with kimberly this week? my fingers are crossed!

mikkeeliz1 said...


buf said...

definitely praying...postponed or not. xoxo - j