Thursday, October 13, 2005

Intercepting the Music Baton

So, it looks as though there's a possibility we'll be leaving the state a week from Friday. If everything works out with the house, that is.

In light of that statement, along with my previous post, I'm going to play the music game even though I haven't been officially invited to join in. I could use the distraction.

Amount of music on your computer:
On our computer at home, I think we have about 9 days worth of music. Not sure how that translates into computer lingo.

Currently listening to:
Clothes turning in the dryer. But the past few weeks I've been alternating between Nickel Creek's Why Should the Fire Die? and Charlie Hall's On the Road to Beautiful.

Five songs that mean a lot to you:

"The Color Green," by Rich Mullins

"Something in the Way She Moves," by James Taylor

"Cathedrals," by Jump Little Children

"Sweet Lorraine," by Patty Griffin

"Language or the Kiss," by the Indigo Girls

Honorable Mention would be "#15," by our very own Days of Lot

Top five albums:

Living with Ghosts by Patty Griffin

Ten by Pearl Jam

Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morisette

A Liturgy, A Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band by Rich Mullins. A close second would be The World as Best as I can Remember It.

Room for Squares by John Mayer (remember the days when John Mayer wasn't a mega star? This album reminds me of fall in Montgomery.)

Last album bought:
Devils and Dust by Bruce Springsteen

Recent discoveries:
Rather than listing recent discoveries, I'm creating a new list: Favorite Bands Not Otherwise Mentioned
The Be Good Tanyas
Derek Webb
Howie Day
Jennifer Knapp
Nickel Creek
Norah Jones

PS - You keep reminding me of songs/albums/artists I love and forgot to mention. Another album: Coming to Life by The Normals.


Lane said...

As soon as I read "On the Road to Beautiful", I had to go get my iPod and start listening to that album. An essesntial musical meditation on grace, in my opinion.

lovelib said...

Dangit Stephanie, if you would just give me FIVE minutes! It took me a while to get mine together but I was always going to pass the baton to you! I posted mine before I saw this so, oh well.

Stephanie said...

I guess it's no longer an interception, since Mary passed the baton along to me. Also, "Sunday Morning" by Sandra McCracken should be somewhere on my list, too.

Valerie said...

It's really not fair to make people like us narrow it down like this.

Stephanie said...

I agree, Valerie. The better question would be, top 100 songs, top 20 albums ...

brian said...

i agree with lane. "on the road to beautiful" is a must have. it is my go to album most of the time.

Madame Rubies said...

I want to know more of this music. When you visit, bring CDs. LOL!

I just did htis on my blog. I should have mentioned Jagged Little Pill.

Ciona said...

Glad you've joined the games! Fun . . . I hear Nickel Creek's latest is wonderful. I'll check it out.

I should've mentioned Jagged Little Pill, too. The hidden track is my favorite!

Where are you going?

brian said...

hey ciona! nickel creek's new album is quite incredible. right now we are going crazy. after that kansas city for a while.

lovelib said...

hopefully steph will find a place to continue bloging wherever you guys end up. i will miss it if not. (most places have internet cafe's... most cool places anyway)

Stephanie said...

Hey Mary,

I plan on keeping up with the blogworld, though you probably won't hear from me quite as much as you do right now. Most public libraries have internet access, too.

Madame Rubies said...

She can stay at my house an dblag daily. Heck, three times a day, if she likes. ;)