Monday, April 08, 2013

This morning Brian sent me this link:

I stood in the kitchen, reading the article on my phone, tears streaming down my face. You know that feeling when you hear a song, or read something, and it is like someone else put words to your own emotion? I cried from recognition, and from relief that someone else had experienced it too. These are the things no sweet lady ever says with a smile at the church bridal shower. Nobody tells you the things you most need to know about marriage.

After I had composed myself, I tried to respond to Brian's link. But every time I typed "made me cry," my phone autocorrected it to "mercy." Because sometimes God shows up in autocorrect, too.

The article above - it is all true. But God's mercy on us, to us, around us - that is true too. The best thing about marriage, and faith, is that as long as you are here the story is never over. We continue to grow, slowly, slowly, one step in front of the other. No matter where I am right now, God's mercy is new every morning.

Thanks be to God.

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Ann Anderson said...

Beautifully written Stephanie - loved your line " Sometimes God shows up in autocorrect"