Wednesday, February 27, 2013

my week in pictures

First things first.  Here we have the view from my dining room table.

Whatever chaos I have accepted as part of life with lots of little kids has been compounded.  In addition to the regular craziness of life, I am stepping over the contents of the attic, bathing with hand soap, and eating the heels of the bread.  Because it's finally here.

This is is the week we move.

I took the picture above to show you guys what it's like to move with lots of little kids.  The thing is, they don't pause their lives the same way adults do in the middle of upheaval.  Boxes or no, there are still lego cars to be built, and lego dinosaurs to chase them.

When we're not packing, we are buying snow gear

seeing sweet friends (please pardon me wearing a sling while holding a baby.  It happens.)

finishing up thank you notes and treats for the doctors, teachers, and neighbors who have made our lives much easier for the past seven years

and dressing up like pirates.

In addition to all of the moving chaos, Brennan has had several appointments this past week.  It turns out that he has torticollis, which means some of the muscles in his neck are shorter/ tighter than they should be.  It is treatable, usually mild, and not neurological.  In other words, it's not that big of a deal.  Except that the therapists and pediatrician all thought his torticollis looked a little ... funny, and wanted to make sure it wasn't anything more significant.  So Brennan and I have spent a lot of time doing this

on x-ray and ultrasound tables.  After several days of running around and waiting for the phone to ring, it was determined that he is a perfectly healthy baby boy, with a perfectly normal brain and spine.  And I exhaled for the first time all week.

T minus five days, friends.

I'll keep you posted.

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