Thursday, January 17, 2013

photo dump

Look at how cute he is.

She loves her little brother.  When she first sees him, she'll say, "Thank you for my baby!"

They are both still so little.

And this ... well, this picture is the reason I was googling "Can you break an ear?" one afternoon.  It turns out that you cannot.  But you can cause permanent deformity if you hit it enough.  This particular horrible bruise happened when a rogue nerf gun made contact with an ear (but not his head?  How does that happen?).  I'm only willing to post it for the wide wide world because Silas keeps running up to strangers and saying, "Want to see my picture of my ear?  Mom!  Show them the picture of my ear!"

Some of you told me that responsibilities would soon be organized by "little kids" and "big kids" in our home, and you were right.  I spend mornings with the little ones, and afternoons with the boys while the babies nap.  Here was my lunch date one day last week.

By day, he is your average kindergartener.  But at 4 p.m. he turns into ...

Here are the boys pretending to drive motorcycles.  They raced their motorcycles all over that cold, cold park that day.  I love to watch kids play.

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