Thursday, January 24, 2013

In all of my time not blogging, I failed to tell you guys something important.

We're moving to Colorado.  For real this time.

Remember how I made this big announcement a few summers ago that we were moving across the country?  It was all so fresh and exciting back then.  We're putting our house on the market and applying for jobs!  We'll be moving any day now!

Alas.  That was not how life unfolded.

Just after Brennan was born, we had what we call a Come to Jesus Meeting.  It was time to either pee or get off the pot.  If we're going, let's go.  If we're not, let's make the changes we need to make here in order to get on with life.  We've been living in this in-between, trying to heave our little world 1300 miles west, for almost two full years.  Enough already.

So we're going.  Without jobs, we're going.  Without selling our house, we're going.  We're wrapping things up here, cashing in assets, and hoping for the best.

And we're leaving soon.

Brian will go out with our stuff in early March.  As soon as he finds a place, the kids and I will follow.  People have asked if I'm nervous or apprehensive, but honestly, I am just ready to go.  The past two years have been long and very difficult.  I am so ready to have a normal life again - or at least to find what normal is again.  That can't happen until we move.  While I do not expect the transition to be easy, it will at least be moving us toward our future.  I am ready for a new set of challenges.  Most of all, I'm ready to be doing more than getting through the day.

So if you have a roommate's sister or a brother-in-law's cousin who has a house for rent or knows of a position opening up in the Denver area, please send me their name.  Likewise, if you know of someone who needs a sweet little house in my area, we'd love to show it to them.  Either way, in a few weeks we will start packing.

Two years later, we're almost there.  We could have walked to Colorado by now.


Heather Truett said...

No Denver. I have a friend and an older sister in Colorado Springs. I'll keep my ears open though.

Somehow, this post just doesn't surprise me. You are this kind of people. I love this about you both.

Mrs. Shehane said...

The Lord was ready for you to go two years ago or last summer. He will make a way, I am convinced, if this is his plan for your life. We want you to be happy and to raise your children where you want to live -- this is a free country. I pray that God will help you make a smooth transition, and I know that you will be okay. We were just talking about that -- how we've always known you'd be okay. Even when you were in high school, one of your teachers told me, "I don't worry about Stephanie -- I know she'll be okay. But I just don't know about some of the other [students]. So, as much as we will miss having you here, if you want to be there, may God bless you in every way possible -- and that part's just not up to me. Love you, Mama.

Mrs. Shehane said...