Friday, January 11, 2013

Good morning world.

A few different friends have mentioned recently that they wished I would blog again.  I do too.  This is my little corner of the store where I used to think out loud, and at one time it was indispensable.  Then I found myself in a place where I didn't feel free to just think out loud anymore, and one led thing to another and .... now it's a couple of years later and I need a place to voice my thoughts again.  But I haven't made it a priority.  Rather, I haven't learned how to maneuver my time so that I have space to think about anything except dinner and check-ups yet.  When friends have mentioned my lack of blogging, I have responded with something like, Well, once I master using the restroom alone I will pick up writing again.  Until yesterday, when Kira said something that caught my attention.  "...once upon a time I told my story here because I believed it to be worth the telling. "  

Me too.

I'm going to work on it.  I really don't know how to rise above the fray long enough to turn on the computer, much less think about something - but it's a skill that needs my attention as much as dinner.  Because mine, too, is a story worth telling.  And I'm not willing to let that be unimportant anymore.

Happy Friday.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back sharing your story! Cindy

Heather Truett said...

I miss your thoughtful way of viewing the world. I look forward to your words. :)

Mrs. Shehane said...

- said Mama