Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So remember when I said my computer was fixed?

I was wrong.

Thanks to Laurie and Diana, I have one to borrow for a bit until mine is running again.  Honestly I feel a little surprised that it has taken the kids almost six years to break a piece of electronic equipment.  I guess that's an accomplishment?

Since we last spoke, I have been growing a baby (this picture was taken Sunday, just before my baby shower.  I'm not sure if it really captures the immensity of my belly right now.  Maybe the fact that Silas found Brennan to be a satisfactory pillow says enough).

Spending weekends at the beach with dear old friends (hi guys!  I have no picture to share here, though if wishing made it so).

Chasing a wild-eyed, but sweet natured, toddler.

Keeping up with the pace of preschool and kindergarten (snack bucket and paperwork and field trips, oh my).

Joining a new playgroup (I feel like I'm starting over in so many ways right now) so that little Emmy can make some friends too.  It is so much fun to meet new people, and see my little girl interact (well, chase or grab mostly, but we're getting there) with kids her age.

Picking up legos.

Then driving back to carpool line, to start all over again.

So probably my life isn't terribly different from yours.  There is more to say (isn't there always?) but it's the middle of the night, and as Brian reminded me two hours ago, zombies don't make good parents.  It's true, they don't.  So I will save the more meaningful posts for the morning.  For now I mostly wanted to say all is well.  Happy Tuesday.

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