Thursday, September 13, 2012


There's so much to say, and it's been so long since I've said any of it, that I don't know where to begin.

Let's start with Emmy.  She is twenty months old now.  Her second year is flying past me, and if I don't write some of this down, I'm never going to remember it. 

Little Emmy is ... lively. Chatty.  Spirited.  Determined.  She loves shoes, hates clothes, loves Dora, is fascinated with the bat cave and all of the little superheroes that fit inside it (it's really no different from a little doll house), and insists on potty training herself.  I've tried to convince her that her mother really is too pregnant to potty train anyone right now, but she cannot be dissuaded.  She has decided that it's time.

She loves blocks and books and giving kisses, but mostly she loves doing whatever her brothers are doing - including peeing on the bushes, jumping into the swimming pool, and walking across the street without holding her mother's hand.   She sleeps with two babies, one for each arm.  And she makes the cutest little shooting sounds when she holds up a gun built from trio blocks.  

She is FIERCELY independent, much more than either of her brothers ever were.  But like every toddler, she spends just as much time clamoring for my lap as she does propelling herself out of my arms.      

With her brothers in school, and no baby for a few weeks yet, Emmy and I spend our mornings together, unloading the dishwasher or running errands.  She enjoys the attention, and the chance to putter, uninterrupted, in the play room.  But she also cheerfully runs for the door and chirps "Asher Silas school!  Asher Silas home!"  when I announce it is time to pick up her brothers.  

In fact, she does everything enthusiastically.  Climb onto the potty, buckle her seatbelt, sing with Backpack, eat her snacks.  Whether she is screaming in the grocery cart or singing with her dad, every thing she does is full of life.  

And my life is much fuller because of her. 


KSmith said...

Isn't the toddler stage the best? I'm seeing it slip away as Foster turned 3 in August. Calvin has redeemed that feeling for me a bit this week. He rediscovered the yellow blanket you gave him just before he was born. It has an S embroidered on it because, as usual, we couldn't choose a name until we saw our sweet baby in person. He loudly announced that he'd found the blanket and he knew it must be his because it has an S for Stisher(his middle name and the name I call him when I am speaking to him). He's been sleeping with it every night. I'm so grateful God arranged that feeling again and thankful that he used you to do it four and a half years later. Prayers for you my sweet and brave friend. Kelli

Heather Truett said...

And I have never met her. It just doesn't seem right, that you will soon have TWO children I've never met.

I was thinking, earlier this week, about you and how you welcomed me to Alabama and supplied me with friends, and how different my life is because of you. I mean, Corey and I made a trek across the country to do mission work in Seattle because of Liz... and why do I even know the wonderful amazing beautiful Elizabeth was-Hooks now-McDaniel? Because of the wonderful amazing beautiful Stephanie Gates.

I miss you.

Stephanie said...

Kelli and Heather, I miss you both. Good to hear from you. Kelli, I'm so glad to hear that little yellow blanket is still around. Please tell Stich it was obviously a blanket meant for him. Him and Superman.

Heather, that feels like such a long time ago. Do you know the last time I saw the boys they were not yet in school? How is that possible?

MI class 2007 said...
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papilio588 said...

Weird - I just tried to post but it signed me in on an old account. Strange. Let's try again:

I love this post. I need to know Emmy better! Heather - that does seem so long ago! And I love that all these years later, we still find ways to connect across the country!

accidentalpilgrim said...

Is that a picture of Emmy or YOU at 20 months?? Adorable!