Friday, August 10, 2012

some things

This?  Is my new favorite picture.

What is difficult to capture is Silas' unwavering confidence in this moment.  The way he strolled into the frozen yogurt shop with his collar popped up like he owned the joint.  In fact, I should really write more about Silas and clothes one day.  The boy loves to look good, and he finds great satisfaction in getting dressed every morning.  I recently overheard Asher ask Silas why he liked to wear blue jeans so much, to which Silas replied, "Because I am awesome in them."  (His emphasis, not mine.)

It's safe to say he is developing a positive self-image.

Another?  Here we have three little boys (two brothers and a cousin) enjoying summertime watermelon.  And a baby girl, intently gazing at her navel.

I think she may have a future as a professional blogger.

In other news, baby Brennan is by far my most active baby (in utero - though if he hopes to carry that title into toddlerhood, he's going to have to step up his game, because goodness knows his predecessors have set the bar high).  I first felt him kick - not just flutter, but really kick - at 13 weeks, and most nights he is active for several hours at a time.  And then earlier this week, he just - stopped.  Not a peep for 36 hours.  I felt hiccups, and occasional squirms, so I knew nothing catastrophic had happened, but the stillness was alarming.  Thursday morning I sat under the monitors for a while, just to make sure there was nothing wrong, but his little heart was strong and consistent.  This is the second time he has done this.  Anyone else had a similar experience?  Anyone have any guesses about what is happening?  There's nothing medically wrong, and he is really too old to get into a position where I wouldn't feel him kick.  I'm at a loss.  Maybe you know something I don't about a baby's activity levels in utero?

What else?  Brian returns home tonight after being gone for six days.  I know a lot of families for whom a week without dad is fairly common, but for us, six days is a long time.  It has gone surprisingly smoothly.  Each child has taken a turn pushing against the shake-up in routine, but mostly we have had a good week.  I cooked a few nights (and not, a few nights), unstopped a sink, killed a bug, and only went through a drive-thru twice all week, which feels like a significant achievement.  There was only one day that felt as though it would never (never) end, and only once did I lose my cool.  In all, a successful week.  Mostly we went about our business - visiting the children's museum (where Silas has discovered an impressive building set, and will sit for an hour creating little cars and fire trucks), swimming, eating frozen yogurt, running errands.  The temperatures dipped just enough to make playing outside bearable, and we were able to play at a park today, which was a treat for all of us.  The days were mostly normal, and the evenings were mostly uneventful, but by bedtime, I was exhausted.  Still, we made it.

And with that, I'm off.  But before I go, I have a new favorite show.  Anyone else watching The Newsroom?  It's written by Aaron Sorkin and Sam Waterston plays the paternal boss, and it has all of the idealism and critique of modern culture that I expect from them both.  If only there was a place for Toby Ziegler, my life would be complete.

Happy Friday, friends.

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Cindy said...

We caught the first episode of Newsroom while in a hotel in GA and were hooked, but we don't have paid cable at home just the free stream, so it was like a big teaser until dvd. Mark was traveling for work a few weeks later and he got another installment in, which made me slightly jealous I must confess. Great show which I look forward to watching more of in the future.

Love that first picture, her adoration and smile looking up at Silas is priceless.