Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey wow I am tired.  We all are.  But it's the good kind of tired, that happens after so many days of fun.  I kind of let it pass us by on the blog, but last week I turned 34, and I had my 12th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by doing this.

There is a family resort on the bay, about 2 1/2 hours away, and we took the boys down for the weekend (my mother-in-law offered to keep Emmy, and that turned out to be the best thing.  We filled up our weekend, and it would have been too much for her age).   It was so, so much fun.  Beaches and very fun family-oriented swimming pools (there was a splash pad attached to the pool that didn't quite make it into the picture, as well as a water slide), a trip to climb on the battleship and see fighter planes (my little military-obsessed boy's very favorite thing), lots of meals in restaurants ... it was a busy, fun trip.  It would have been fun to get away with just Brian for our anniversary too, but honestly, we haven't done traveled much with the boys at all, and they are just now getting to the age where the work to fun ratio balances out.

And now we're home, and back into swimming lessons and grocery shopping and catching up on laundry ... we sort of hit the ground running yesterday, and by today at lunch time, my usually reluctantly napping Silas was asking for his blanket and a movie.  I hear you, kid.  Me too.

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