Saturday, March 31, 2012

My mom took me shopping for kids' clothes today (I have a very generous mom.)

Here are a few true facts.

1. Shopping for Silas is nothing but fun. He always wears the same size (he's actually been in the same size for over a year now, which is a long time for a three-year-old. He eats about 1/5 of whatever you put on his plate, no matter how much he loves it, and sprints through his days, so it's really no surprise), he loves to look "smooth," and he just loves clothes in general. So I basically get to walk through and decide what I like (or what's on sale, same difference) and he acts like it's Christmas morning when I get home. SO FUN to shop for that boy.

2. Shopping for Asher is like searching for the Holy Grail.
He won't wear clothes that are "too big." In fact, he prefers shirts that technically no longer fit, but fall at just the perfect spot on the seam of his pants. Also, he only wears t-shirts with characters he currently likes. Or, shirts that let him pretend to be someone else. He loves to wear clothes like his dad, or to wear clothes like an army man, or Peter Parker ... you get the idea. So. A little polo shirt and cargo shorts is not going to fly, because a. lance corporals don't wear that, and b. there is no Lego Ninjago on the front.
Yeah, it's like that.
Also, he needs one pants size for the length, but really a smaller size for the waist, which makes buying shorts a crap shoot. He met me at the door and carefully inspected what I brought home. "I don't like dinosaurs," he announced definitively. T-Rex shirt is out. He approved of one polo shirt, but it was undeniably too small. All of the shorts were too long. The Lego t-shirt, however, is a keeper.

3. Shopping for Emmy is addictive.
And I don't even like to shop.
But she is just so cute! and perfectly proportioned and there are so many little sundresses in the world and who doesn't love a baby in capris ... on and on it goes. Aisle after aisle of sweet little babydoll tops and leggings, and I just had to stop looking, because there is always something else that would be perfect for her. It is absurd how much I enjoy buying clothes for my baby girl. I am proud to say that I only came home (today) with three little dresses for Emmy, all of which could be justified by the fact that they are sleeveless, and sleeves are troublesome with her cast (and it's already 80* here, so sleeveless tops are fine). But I couldn't even guess how many outfits I held up today before saying out loud, "No. She doesn't NEED this."

Happy Saturday, all.

PS I just went to check on the boys. Asher is sprawled across his bed, asleep in athletic shorts that are too small and his new lego t-shirt. Silas has stripped off his pajamas, and is wearing new plaid shorts and a polo with a dinosaur on it. Apparently he likes T-Rex just fine. Good night, little boys.


Heather Truett said...

David is fun to shop for. He likes to look good. Haydn is hard for all those lovely Asperger reasons. Pants don't "feel right." He'd prefer athletic pants/shorts and baggy t-shirts. A shirt that feels the tiniest bit snug is immediately give to his brother, but I have to secretly give away shirts that David outgrows. Haydn is also tall and skinny, so it is hard to fit his waist and he doesn't like a belt to squeeze too much or his pants to feel too long. Socks bother his feet. Shoes are worn out in less than a month b/c he drags his toe when he pitches. Neither kid can match an outfit to save their lives. And they strip whoever they are when i say bedtime, so I find clothes in the playroom, on the kitchen table, by the toilet, etc... Everywhere EXCEPT in their hampers.

Kendra said...

I justify buying some things they (especially Abbey - you are dead on, girls stuff is too adorable!) don't
"need" because really, they will only let me dress them for so long, so why not do so while I can? Who knows but that they will both go goth or something at a young age...and oh how I will have wished I bought those capri's and tunics!!! =)