Saturday, February 04, 2012

Because I don't want to forget - I just watched little thirteen-month-old Emmy playing peek-a-boo with the dog. She'd move her head so that the dog was just out of her line of vision, then tilt to the side suddenly, and proclaim (in her little Emmy chatter that only her family can interpret) "There she is!" Giggle, then do it again.

So cute. So SO cute.

Also - the revered hilarious beloved Joshilyn Jackson, of Faster Than Kudzu fame, is going to be IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD Wed, Feb 8, at noon. I"m making plans to go. Anyone want to join me?


Carrie B. said...

oh! if it were only 5 (!!!!) years ago. i would go with you. =)

Heather Truett said...

Tell her Heather says hello. I drove to Oxford to see her last week. The book is to die for, my favorite one yet.