Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The more I blog, the more I have to say. The less I talk, the more ... bashful I am. I write, but lose my nerve, and never hit publish.

I don't earn a dime blogging. I'm not hoping to convert the masses or educate or even - God forbid - give parenting tips. I write in this little corner of the world because I need to. I need a place to think out loud, and this is it.

So I'm coming back.

Awkwardly at first, I'm sure, because I'm out of the habit. But I'm doing it anyway. Because it's good for me, and I miss you guys.

So. Hi. Good to see you again.


mikkeeliz said...


Kendra said...


Missed ya. Looking forward to reading what you have to say.


Heather Truett said...

Yay! I always love a good Stephanie blog.

I was thinking about my own blog this year. It doesn't fit any particular category. It's just a miss mash of me. And, in the end, I think I am okay with that.

My word scramble is "funernap." This is when you are forced to attend a memorial for someone you barely knew, so you sleep through the whole thing.

Cindy said...

glad you're back! :)