Saturday, October 22, 2011

A quiet Saturday morning, and I am committed to doing more with it than sitting in front of a screen, but there is a prayer lately that has stuck with me. It came from this blog, and even though his story right now is not really mine, it has caught my attention all the same. I do love a good healing, after all. Anyway, he posted this prayer recently, and again, though it isn't exactly my story right now, something about it resonated. The image of resting in the wind of God's love, of letting go and trusting - certainly that is the calling for us in this place and time. Maybe every place and time, though there seem to be some moments when it's more apparent. We're living in one of those now.

Wow I'm wordy this morning. Enough - the prayer. Written by Howard Thurman.

My ego is like a fortress
I have built its walls stone by stone
To hold out the invasion of the love of God.
But I have stayed here long enough. There is light
Over the barriers. O my God–
The darkness of my house forgive
And overtake my soul.
I relax the barriers.
I abandon all that I think I am,
All that I hope to be,
All that I believe I possess.
I let go of the past,
I withdraw my grasping hand from the future,
And in the great silence of this moment,
I alertly rest my soul.
As the sea gull lays in the wind current,
So I lay myself into the spirit of God.
My dearest human relationships,
My most precious dreams,
I surrender to His care.
All that I have called my own
I give back. All my favorite things
Which I would withhold in my storehouse
From his fearful tyranny,
I let go.
I give myself
Unto Thee, O my God. Amen.

- Howard Thurman

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Cindy said...

Thank you for the prayer and link. It's been an exhausting three months of doctors appointments, physical therapy, tests, and treatment seeking healing for a life without pain. I'm bored out of my mind without work or activities to engage my "normal" routine, and found his words about periods of life being a call to healing to be comforting. Especially since it is easy for the sense of purpose to wain when the body is not complying! My circumstances might be different, but the fact remains that learning how to rest in Christ, let go, and trust a future I cannot see is the call for this season. I'm always grateful for the reminder of God's faithfulness and love, even when life has slowed and a struggle. Thank you!