Friday, August 05, 2011


I'm reading this book, and one of the things she does is tell one story two different ways. She points out all that she loved about living in a certain place in one paragraph, and all that was difficult about it in the other. Her point, of course, was that experiences are often colored by what you choose as your focus. I feel like I could do the same for this week.


This week I've had more evenings than usual on my own with all three kids, and I am so impressed with how well it has gone. We had a groove, and the boys got to do a few novel things, like play in a bubble bath and go swimming before dinner. We have had a good time together during the days lately too, reading new Dr Seuss books, watching Asher perform Spiderman "plays", playing with chalk paint, swimming in a creek. Last night Asher even wanted to be rocked, something I haven't done with him in forever. Before going to bed he told me, "You're a sweet mom," and he woke up talking about how I was the best mom in the world. When I asked him what made him say that, he said, "God did." Sweet boy. Emmy, too, has been especially cuddly, and I've had extra time to snuggle up with her lately. Also, Brian and I were able to navigate potentially stressful schedules well, and managed hectic moments without tension. One night I had dinner out with my friends, an unusual treat for me at this stage in babyhood. I've made headway on getting our house decluttered and deep-cleaned in preparation for selling it, one of my favorite friends found out today she is carrying a perfectly healthy baby boy (yay!), and I had my favorite salad for dinner tonight (as take-out from my favorite restaurant, a pleasant surprise from Brian).

But also?


The heat index today was somewhere around 110*, with stifling humidity. Twice this week I've gotten significantly dehydrated. Emmy is teething, which means I can't put her down without her crying, she is not interested in nursing during the day, and she wants to nurse for comfort for hours every night. Earlier this week I was so frustrated with nursing a teething baby in the heat that I wanted to just give it up altogether. I can't remember the last time I slept eight straight hours. Brian has been gone most of the week. Our refrigerator is on the fritz, so between that and Brian's schedule the kids and I have eaten out more than usual. I didn't spend all week cleaning, but when I did, the boys were wild, jumping off the furniture, screeching down the hallways. Some of my closest friends, whom I talk to daily, are under serious stress in their own lives, and I have been concerned about them much of this week.

It's an interesting exercise, isn't it? Both paragraphs are true. But honestly, when I think about my week, it's the top paragraph that comes to mind first. But seriously? This nursing a teething baby in the heat business is no joke.

With that, I'm off to eat homemade chocolate cake with strawberries. And I will choose to focus on the antioxidants and vitamin C, rather than the sugar and fat content.

Happy Friday, friends.

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Great idea. I love this and will have to try it.

My word scramble is noever. As in, the opposite of yesever?