Friday, August 19, 2011

The boys started preschool this week.

Did I tell you they were going to preschool? Probably not, because we didn't fully commit to it until very recently. But they are. They are back at the school Asher went to last year. Asher has gone to some sort of preschool or Mother's Morning Out for the past two years, two mornings a week. But until today, I've always worked while he's gone to school.

Just to spell it out - today was my first day of having two children in preschool while I was not working. Ever.

It was so weird.

Emmy was still with me, and there's some tweaking to be done with schedules (she slept in the car then didn't want to nap the rest of the day - we'll have to get a better handle on that). But our world just changed.

Also -

Emmy is up a few times every night. I think maybe it started with teething? Or sickness? I can't be sure anymore. I know she slept through the night for a while, but most of the summer she has been up at least once every night. The sleep deprivation has descended slowly, so that I have just sort of stared at things all week, willing them back in their place, like something from Mary Poppins. Honestly I thought I was handling it pretty well, until I realized it had been days since I'd voluntarily spoken to anyone I did not birth. Maybe I was a little more tired than I realized.

Which is fine and good, because babies just do this sometimes, right? Except, I'm pretty sure that I'm being played. She goes to sleep awake, naps fine during the day, and is even able to cry out once during the day before rolling over and going back to sleep. She also has made it through the night without eating before, plenty of times - at least until 5 a.m. or so. Why is she now waking up every single night between 2 and 3? Pretty sure it's because she knows I'll go get her and bring her back to my bed.


The remedy for this is going to involve tears at 2 a.m. soon.

Emmy may cry a little, too.

That's been our week.

How have you been?

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Jeff, Carrie Kara Beth, Kaylan and K3 said...

YAY for you having some time with just emmy! hope the boys are enjoying school!!! =)