Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good morning.

Well, yes. He broke open his head and I rolled my eyes. And yes, Emmy thinks a pacifier is great fun as a toy, but quite useless as any sort of comforting object. But so what. All is well in our little world.

We have been swimming every day this week. We have the great good fortune of several friends and acquaintances with swimming pools, as well as grandparents who live on the lake. So, in the name of Summer! and because it is too hot to do anything else, we have accepted every opportunity to jump in.

And I don't have a single picture to show for it.

Actually, I don't have any pictures of my kids in a swimming pool, ever, really. Because it is my job to keep these kids alive, and when water is involved, that task consumes my energy. Until now. Because, friends, I have discovered the very best have-fun-in-the-water-without-drowning device ever. Want to see it? Click here.

It is perfect - PERFECT - for little Silases of the world. It keeps them up and forward just a little, so that they don't have to work so hard to keep their faces out of the water. Within ten minutes of putting the thing on, Silas was strolling through the deep end and climbing the high dive-esque ladder to the water slide. And I? Was sitting on the side of the pool (nursing a baby, of course), not even a little worried if he was going to die.

Everybody wins.

And now we are all a little waterlogged, the laundry has taken over its designated area and is sneaking into the kitchen, and the baby has a suntan (I KNOW - I TRY to keep her in the shade with her little sun bonnet on, and I guess I've succeeded, considering she isn't old enough yet for sunscreen and has never gotten a sunburn. But I feel as though I should apologize to the 30-yr-old Emmy who will be scourging grocery stores for good "replenishing" moisturizers because her mother let her play in the sun as an infant). So today we are home, folding every towel we own and generally recovering from our week of summer fun.

Happy Saturday, all.

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