Monday, May 09, 2011

1. Brian and I sit on the front porch after bedtime if we intend to have a conversation. If we sit in the living room, we stare blankly at one screen or another (and lately I've been nursing and beseeching a baby to sleep). So we sit out front if we intend to complete a sentence. Anyway, one evening recently an older man in a Camry drove by, windows rolled down, music thumping from the windows, and it cracked us up. Brian commented on the incongruence, and I commented that people probably say the same about him. "A middle-aged man driving in a mini-van, Snoop Dogg streaming through the windows." "Middle age!?" he said.

What makes me laugh about this is that the only disturbing feature in that image is that he might be getting older. Snoop Dogg in a mini-van, though, you know, whatever.

2. I gave Emmy cereal last night, and her response was something along the lines of, "Where has the spoon been my whole life?" Loved it loved it. It still took some serious coaxing to get her to bed, but she did eventually sleep away from me for the first time all week. It's a start, anyway.

Happy Monday.

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