Sunday, April 03, 2011

I am not much of a photographer. I appreciate the art - I enjoy seeing the beauty in common things - but I do not have the ability to create it. But I do have a camera smarter than I am (purchased after my old one was stolen from my porch - remember that?), and sometimes it will surprise me. It isn't my doing - let's be clear - but sometimes my camera will catch what I see in just the right way.

like clown noses

and the occasional pout

and the sacred Sunday afternoon nap

I'm glad to have the pictures, because I know I won't remember. Someday people will ask me about having three kids under four, and what we did with our time, and all I will have to offer are the pictures of the moments that filled up our lives.


Kendra said...

I feel that way about video cameras too. We bought one the Christmas I was pregnant, and it has been one of our best investments.

Dani said...

Hi. I saw you on Ella's Facebook and thought I recognized you. We went to church at First Pres together. Your mother played at my wedding.

Looks like with both have had 3 under 4, 2boys and a girl, and like to blog!

Danielle Moon Roy