Saturday, March 19, 2011

because suddenly it seems possible that one day i won't remember which baby did what, when.

My mom has always said (of the boys' pictures, especially) to make sure to label and date the backs of photos. "You can't believe it now, but one day you won't remember which baby is in what picture." That seems impossible to be - not remember my babies?! Surely you jest. But now I kind of get it - it kind of does become a blur after a while, and now when people ask me, "Did the boys do that?" I have to stop and think, and sometimes, ya'll, I just can't remember.

When you're in the middle of it - big pregnant with a baby on your hip, then two babies under two years old, the days when double strollers are imperative - it feels like it will always be that way. For years I had two who needed simultaneous undivided attention, and I just assumed they always would. Now I know that those days end. The same is true for Emmy - some day I won't remember when she first slept through the night (um, not yet) or when she first smiled.

But I hope that I never forget how much I delighted in her as a baby.

Because this? Is way more fun than I ever remember having with a baby. She is quick to smile, easy to soothe. The other night I had only slept about three hours total (it was the first night all three of them have been awake at some point), and when she woke up at 4:45, wanting to be UP, I said, "I'm sorry baby. I'm just too sleepy. Night night," and put her back in her car seat (which doubles as her bed for the moment). And was SHOCKED when she serenely nodded off, on her own, without a complaint. Babies who sleep? I just never quite get used to the idea.

I know one day I will forget all of those things. But that's why we blog, right? So for now, here she is, little Emmanuel at 11 weeks old.



Valerie said...

While I've obviously never had kids, I can say that even when my cousins and I were going through some pictures last Thanksgiving, my mom and aunt could barely identify which children were theirs a couple of times, much less which child was which. You should definitely label those pictures. :)

Although, it was a fun game for us to play.

Madame Rubies said...

I wish I had written more down. If only I had saved all the blogs from their babyhood. Who knows what happened to them, though. I cannot remember, half the time, which of them did what.

Danielle said...

Is there anything more precious than a peaceful, sleeping baby? Maybe a peaceful, smiling baby!

Catherine said...

How wonderful! I'm so glad you can enjoy her. I confess I'm scared of three, scared that it will be too much and I'll lose the joy in the chaos. Here's hoping for one of those happy, easily soothed baby!