Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tell and show

For the first time in a long time, I have actual blog ideas percolating - about Sleeping Beauty and little boys and phobias and compassion - but at this moment in my life, I have no time alone to work on them. Or anything else, really. Alas and alack! In time, in time.

So for now, I am just sticking my head in the door to

a. tell you that I think we may have hit a milestone with Emmy and sleep. Two milestones, really. First, she has grown accustomed to sleeping on me at night. Though I really love having that time with her, I'm ready to get back into something resembling a new normal, and babies in our bed is not a norm in our family. But we discovered that if Brian gives her a bottle during that time (though I'm still nursing, for those who care about such things), she goes right to sleep and doesn't complain when she's put down. So yay! We found a way to get her in her own bed (car seat, but whatever) without tears. The second milestone Emmy figured out all by herself - she has dropped her middle of the night feeding. Last night she ate at 9:15, and slept until 4:30. In the morning. At six weeks old - and a small baby, at that.

Insert angelic choir here.


b. show you a picture. Here are my in-laws with the kids yesterday. My mother-in-law has lost very nearly one hundred pounds. I'm so happy for her. And of course the kids are cute, too.

My kids love being at their grandparents' house. Can you tell? They would have never stopped long enough to smile so serenely at home.

Hope your window is a sunshine-y as mine today.


Mrs. Shehane said...

Go, Grandma! I'm so proud of her, too! And don't forget: Was it Saturday night)?)//; whatever those symbols stand for in blog talk.... My priceless late afternoon with Silas and Asher and their deep brother talk. Silas to Asher: "David was a super hero." Asher to Silas: No, he was a king. And he was a lamb." Marmee to Asher and Silas (silently amazed, awfully thankful that these two boys are in the Christian home they're in, so proud of Stephanie and Brian). Marmee to Asher and Silas, "Well, you're both right..."
Such deep, theological discussions between A TWO- and a FOUR_YEAR OLD!!!! Love to all. Blessed. And, go, Emmy. Mark my word: She will be ......the one who quietly surpasses her brothers, who in themselves, are already little silent geniuses. Just love, Emmy, and be grateful for every day that God has so blessed us with. And remember the generous gift of your parents.-- Mamee

ljkgates said...

It thrills us that the kids love to be here ~ and we love for them to be here. They are the highlight of our lives. We love, love, love, them!

Kendra said...

I am so enjoying reading your posts. Your insight as a mother for the 3rd time in 4 years is interesting to me.

I admire your perspective (read:calmness) in all things newborn right now. And I envy it! =)

Emily said...

I giggled when I saw your comment about the norm. Because, as you know, I had a girl after two boys -- boys who were never allowed to sleep in our bed -- and I was SO FREAKING TIRED all the time that I let her sleep with my nipple in my mouth sometimes. My philosophy became WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET SLEEP!