Friday, February 25, 2011

Ever heard the platitude that when we make plans, God laughs? Well, I'm not ready to delve into the theology behind that, and whether it's true or not, but I will say that when I read that last post about my plans for the week, I laugh at myself. I had no idea what the week held for me.

When did I say all of that? Tuesday morning? Yeah - Wednesday morning I woke up sick. Desperately sick, calling Brian to come home and take care of me, while someone else took care of our kids, sick. SICK, friends. A very kind, old-fashioned family doctor had mercy on me and sent a nurse to a nearby ER for two bags of IV solution, which kept me out of the hospital (so thankful for that man). Wednesday was the most miserable I have been in my adult life. Thursday I slept all day (at 8 a.m. Brian woke me up to tell me he was taking the day off, and taking the boys to the zoo. A minute - I swear - later, I heard the door open. "I thought you were going to the zoo?" I said. To which he replied, "It's 1:00. We went to the zoo already.") Thursday was a wash. And then it's now.

Today is a new day. I'm better, just weak and a little woozy from not eating. And let me just say that if it really worked - if nursing Emmy really does keep her from getting that horrid virus - then I will be genuinely converted. I may never be a breastfeeding evangelist, but if the antibodies really are that good, I will personally be sold. And with other kids in the house, and all their germy little germs clouding around us, I may never go back.

While I was sick I took advantage of the opportunity to offer it up. I also became aware of how UNmerciful I am most of the time towards others who are sick. I'm pretty healthy. I get colds and hayfever - occasional nuisances. but nothing that really matters. Nothing like I felt on Wednesday. The next time I hear of someone being sick, I will have a lot more compassion for them than I have recently. Now I know.

I am also so, SO thankful for grandparents. This week would have been much harder without them.

And with that, I'm off. Because dude, I just THOUGHT my house was dirty on Tuesday.

Happy Friday, friends.


ljkgates said...

And these grandparents are very thankful for ya'll.

Mrs. Shehane said...

Dorothy to Toto: "We're not in Kansas anymore."


Love you, Mama