Tuesday, December 28, 2010

so, yeah. we're still getting a handle on the new schedule around here.

This was Silas at 11:45 this morning. Hand on his sandwich, no less.

Also? At my prenatal visit this afternoon, the baby's heart rate was lower than it has been. They watched her for a few minutes on the monitor, and then put this thing on my belly that made a loud sound. Apparently she was asleep, and the noise scared her and woke her up. It worked, and everything was fine. But the whole thing was FASCINATING. A whole little person, hanging out inside my body. You know, just taking a nap. I know I should be used to that idea by now, but it's just ... mind-boggling. Still.


Susan Shehane said...

Did you make note of her nap time, or is she already in sync with Silas? Yes, it is fascinating. Meanwhile, we're enjoying Asher on the lake. He's had a bellyful of eggs, biscuits, honey, bacon, cartoons, and jelly this morning.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I am always amazed right after they come out - staring at a relatively LARGE creature that was just INSIDE OF ME...beautiful? or just freaky.