Sunday, December 19, 2010

From this:

To this:

In just four years.

Happy birthday Asher.


Kendra said...

Two things.

One, when I first saw the first picture, I thought Emmy was here.

Two, even though we have never met in person, I just LOVE the expression on your face in that picture. It is perfect...beyond content.

Happy 4 years of being a Mama.

Lauren said...

I totally thought Emmy was here too! I didn't look at the words, only the picture..hahaha! Please let me be on some call list, so I don't find Emmy's real picture on here after the fact :)

Stephanie said...

Sorry to disappoint, guys! I wish I was showing pictures of Emmy, but no such luck, yet.

Thanks Kendra!

And Lauren you know you're already on a call list. Hope your holiday traveling goes well.

Mrs. Shehane said...

Happy birthday, Asher. I can still remember when he was just six weeks old, he would laugh uncontrollably when I told him the Kansas story that goes something like this: "Mama and Daddy went to Kansas looking for a rainbow, but they didn't find it there... They found it in Slapout." Asher just laughed and laughed. So goes the joy he has brought to all of our lives. And I think the Dorothy line goes something like finding a rainbow in her own back yard.
.. O come, o come, Emanuel. - Mama