Monday, November 29, 2010

the truth about shoes

1. Saturday morning -
Me: My feet are too swollen to wear cute shoes with this sweater, but I don't want to wear tennis shoes with it. I'll look like somebody's mom.
Brian: You're almost nine months pregnant. The tennis shoes are not what make you look like somebody's mom.

2. There are train tracks in my shoes this morning. One in each, very neatly, making it clear that some little person in my house placed them there. I would love to know the train of thought that led whichever little boy to decide to put train tracks in my shoes.

Happy Monday all.


Madame Rubies said...

"train" of thought. HA!

The Bean said...

I love Brian's comment, and Stephanie, you are someone's mom! :)

Carrie B said...

number 1 is my favorite thing i've heard in a while. somebody's mom...i know exactly what you mean. =)